Scratch is a graphic programming language developed at MIT. Young students learn fundamental programming concepts by creating animations and computer games with interacting characters. Scratch creates a beginner foundation in programming which can be used in other advanced languages.  

Learning Functions with Scratch

-Created by CQ 3rd Grade @theWalkerSchool

Learning Arrays with Scratch

-Created by A.J. 3rd Grade @theWalkerSchool 

Scratch - MAPs (Multiple Animated Project)

2017 - This MAP created by 2nd-4th graders.


2018 - This MAP created by 2nd-5th graders




Tiny Little Robot

Ozobot can identify lines, colors, and codes on both digital surfaces, such as an iPad, or computer screen and physical surfaces, such as paper.


These tiny robots come in a few forms, the Bits model having only wheels and a sensor while the more advanced Evo model has Bluetooth connectivity and programming capability as well. 

Using different colored markers users can draw paths for them to follow and give commands such as  speed up, turn around, or stop. 

Planning an Ozobot mining challenge 2nd-4th grade


Ozobot Race